Kernal panic and now my comp wont load

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by SimsaxMac, Jan 7, 2010.

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    I have a macbook, its about 2 years old and last night when I was loading my gmail the coloured spinning wheel appeared on the frozen page, then a grey screen came over saying I needed to reboot my computer. I did, and then I found out that this is a Kernal Panic and I was unable to load gmail, everytime I did that msg would appear. I went into Disk Utility and clicked "repair disk" and all seemed to be well.

    About an hour ago I tried to turn my computer on and it wont load past the Apple and spinning wheel. I have reset PRAM, SMC, tried to boot to Safe Mode (wont load) AND I just tried to start it in single user mode and hadn't a clue what to do.

    I am wondering if its my hard drive, and what I can do to check if I am right. Is there any way of fixing this without the disks? I am not sure where they are. But I will go look for them if it will make a difference.

    Is my macbook dead :(

    ETA: I used Disk 1 to run an Apple Hardware Test - there is nothing wrong with the hardware, I am trying to reinstall MAC OS X now but now its at "select a destination" and it cannot find one. it just keeps saying "examining disks available" and a spinning gear. Now what do I do!

    Sorry this is my last edit - it finally showed my hardrive, I went through the install but I cannot eject the first CD to put in the second one. How do I eject it without rebooting the computer? I am worried I will lose all the work I did re-installing w cd 1
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    K Panic

    If u can try a target disc mode and tried to get the data out

    or boot to single user mode and try fsck -fy

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