kernal panic. inconsistent behavior

Discussion in 'macOS' started by jesamurai, Jul 7, 2012.

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    Jul 7, 2012
    i got the first kernel panic error near the end of may. i just restarted it normally and it seemed normal for a couple days. on may 30 i got 3 kernel panic errors. after each of the first 2 i rebooted in safe mode, then rebooted normally and the computer operated normally for a few hours.

    after the last one it wouldn't boot at all. i could hear (the drives) start spinning and the little light came on the front, but after a few seconds (the drives) would stop spinning, the light would go out. then a few seconds later the process would repeat. i let it continue for a few minutes before unplugging the power and letting the battery drain.

    my wife took it in to an apple store to get it checked out a couple weeks later. she said they plugged it in to one of their power adapters and it booted up normally on the first try after just a few seconds of charging. that was the end of their troubleshooting..they told her to charge the battery...

    i tried to boot it up when it came home, using two different power adapters (both less than a year old) but had the same results as before taking it in. we use both power adapters on our other older macbook, with no apparent side-effects. haven't had time to take it in again and try it on theirs again.....

    any suggestions? i can't give much more info.. i bought it just over a year ago from a mac store in south korea. on the bottom it says 2009. it's a solid bottom (meaning i can't see the battery). it was running snow leopard and was fully updated, though i can't remember if i'd done an update recently.
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    This could be bad RAM, a failing HDD, or a PSU issue. Take it back to Apple and insist on a more thorough diagnostic test, giving them all the information you can.

    Too many potential parameters to make a guess here, but you could run the Apple Hardware Test's that come with your original media...Might help to gather information for Apple:

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