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    May 23, 2010
    About 2 days ago I decided it was time to upgrade my mid-2010 13 inch MBP (MC374LL/A) to 8gb of RAM. It was running just fine for a couple of hours but then kernel_task started flipping out, using over 100% CPU.

    After some googling I took out the new RAM and put the old RAM back in, with no success. About 5-10 minutes after booting kernel_task goes crazy.

    This is the RAM I bought:

    I really want to get this fixed, college is starting in a couple of weeks and I really need this laptop.\

    EDIT:Tried switching RAM around in the 2 slots. Now using only one slot with one 4gb module, up and running for 30 minutes now.
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    Bad RAM won't do this, but a bad processor or bad logic board will. Did you follow proper static safety protocols? I've seen videos people have posted on here of a live logic board being dragged across a sofa, so I can't assume that just because you know enough to swap out the RAM means you know enough to do it safely.

    Anyway, check the logs. See if any kind of strange errors are showing up.

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