Kernel Panic and Disc eject help!!!!

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by wigglrpop, May 11, 2009.

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    May 11, 2009
    ok so this is my first time on any forum ever and I need help badly. I got the kernel panc recently and I rebooted and it went away for a few days. so yesterday I put a few modest mouse CDs on my iTunes and on the second to last I e I accidently pulled it out at an angle making the cd bend(not sure if this is relevant) and I put in tv next one, and after downlaoding it, it wouldn't eject. it would b remved from my desk top and iTunes list but wouldn't come
    out. it would make the noises as if it would. so then I got the kernel panic again and I rebooted and it would make the noise and go to the white screen and tv man the noise again and then restart again and again and again. each time it would try to eject but it won't. it'll spin the disc the try to eject and I'll hear a few soft clicks or taps afterwords. I tryed logging on in safe boot and that worked for about 10 minutes but then got the kernel panic. no I can't log in any way. this is a pretty new iMac and I did nothing to harm it! please help!!!
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    It sounds kind of like you have two separate problems going on here--the kernel panics, and a messed up optical disc drive. It's possible they're related, but generally a drive that's having problems reading discs will just spit the disc out after a while, not cause any other problems.

    If you have a slot-load optical drive, what probably happened to it is that when you bent the disc taking it out, you also bent the mechanism inside the drive, so now it doesn't line up with the slot in the case. As a result, when you put another disc in it's not physically able to eject it--it's bumping into the inside of the case. It's possible you could get the disc out by sliding a piece of paper or something else soft and thin in at the right angle to guide the disc out, but frankly the chances are you're just going to make it worse doing that.

    A better solution is to open the computer up and remove the optical disc drive so you can get the disc out, then replace it, since it's probably not worth trying to bend it back into shape and they're cheap anyway. If it's an iMac and you're not handy with electronics, it's a much better idea to have a pro (or at least a proficient friend) do it for you.

    As for the Kernel Panics, that's probably unrelated, and has an entirely separate set of troubleshooting to go with it. First question is if you have anything external plugged into the machine (USB devices, etc). If so, try without everything but the keyboard and mouse and see if it panics--if so, you have a device that isn't playing nice.

    Second question is if you've installed any system tweaks lately. Software like Firefox isn't going to cause panics, but something like a skin for the OS or other lower-level utility could cause panics. If you've installed anything like that, remove it and see if it helps.

    Next step would probably be to try an Archive and Install of the OS--that will get you a clean OS in the event something's corrupt (and won't wipe your settings).

    If the computer is still under AppleCare you can call them and they'll walk you through some testing, although they probably won't replace the drive under warranty if it was damaged. If the bent disc was a coincidence and it's just broken, then they will of course.
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    Well try this, hope it works....
    When u boot up ur iMac, press and hold the option button before the grey apple logo appears...
    Then you will see a Macintosh hardisc icon. When it appears, press and hold the eject button located on top of your delete/backspace key... Then it will be ejected.

    If it doesn't, try to bring it to Apple professionals to fix that~ haha~

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    May 11, 2009
    thanks guys. i think i have fixed the kernel panics but the cd is still in there ill try getting it out

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