Kernel Panic on late 2008 15" MacBook pro

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by waffleshoes, Oct 6, 2009.

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    Feb 5, 2009
    Hey so a few months ago I spilled on my MacBook pro, yeah i know it was stupid. Anyway, the computer continued to work fine but some keys on the keyboard stopped working and so I took it in to a computer store and had it cleaned. The keyboard continued to not work so I bought a new top case online and had it installed. After that the computer worked fine. That was all a few months ago. Last week when I went to turn it on, it started booting and displayed the apple logo and then I got a kernel panic. I tried restarting like it advises and the same thing happened. When I try and boot in safe mode by holding shift I don't get the kernel panic but it just spins at the apple logo forever, once I let go of shift the kernel panic screen comes up. I'm running leopard and I don't have the os disc with me but I tried booting with my friends 10.4 disc to run disc utility. However, I couldn't boot from the disc.

    At this point I took it in to a computer store for a diagnostic. The guy there took it apart and said the logic board was recently spilled on and is fried. I know I didn't spill on it again though, so I have been questioning his diagnostic. I can boot into single user mode and run fsck sucessfullly, the cd drive works, the display works, and the keyboard works. So basically what I'm asking is does it sound like the logic board is broken or could it be something else.

    Sorry for any typos/the ****** formatting, I'm on my iPhone which is now my only connection to the Internet.
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    The logic board diagnosis sounds plausible to me.

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