Kernel panic screen while updating to 10.8 HELP

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    Sep 11, 2012
    Hello everybody,

    I have a problem i cannot solve.. yet..
    I have an Apple MacBook MTR from the year 2009 and a few days ago I was 'happy updating' it to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion while suddenly out of the blue my update crashed with only 19 minutes on the clock to complete. (I updated it from Lion to Mountain Lion). This was the second time actually that I tried updating it because the first time it failed too, but then I had the luck to fix it. But as I paid for the update it just should work right?

    So back to the update/crash: it was so stuck I could not do anything except forcing it to shut down. When rebooting the system I got the (what I red) a somewhat called ''Kernal Panic Screen'' and yes I also was in panic because I have never had problems with my mac since.

    Spending hours on the internet searching to find the best solution for this problem didn't brought me any further.

    So now i'm asking you guys for your really needed help! The truth is, I don't have any clue about what i'm doing..

    So here is some background information about the crash:
    1 Starting up the laptop
    2 Blue screen pops-up followed by the apple logo
    3 With the apple logo I get lots of numbers, text, etc (see image)
    4 It starts itself up again with the same above.. and again and again....

    What have I already done?
    1 Try save mode (which only brought me to disk utility)
    2 Use disk repair on my macintosh HD (which not helped me by far I know)

    And so that you know: I don't have any backup (stupid, I know..) so I would prefer a method that keeps my documents etc. save (if exists).

    I hope someone can help me out because I don't know much about this...
    Thanks a lot!

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