Kernel Panics and Freezes How often do you have them in you MBP SR?

James Cole

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Jul 15, 2007
San Antonio, Texas
This is beggining to be a pretty big problem for some including myself, the new MBP's seems to be crashing constantly for no apparent reason at all except for the famous airport crash, so how often do you have this problems on your MacBook Pro Santa Rosa? Either KP, Beachballs or just plain freezes.


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Jul 4, 2007
Santa Cruz, CA
I've only had two crashes. Each time it was because I tried to use more RAM than was possible, IE, when I only had 2 GB of RAM I mistakenly left Parallels using more than 1 GB of RAM while I started Ubuntu in VMware and I don't know how much it was set to use but I also had Aperture, Safari, iTunes, and iChat open. It was kinda a no brainer that I tried to use too much RAM when it happened. The next time was almost the same exact issue.... then I upgraded to 3 GB of RAM and have not had a crash since.


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May 23, 2007
Denver, Colorado
Had one Kernal Panic in the one week I was using my MBP, and I believe that was because firefox went crazy. The only time I had slowdowns was when I ran parallels, but for my sake I only ran it once.


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Apr 2, 2005
No crashes. 1 KP when I was updating to 10.4.10 because I was messing around with USB devices during the update.


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Jun 3, 2007
The only time I've had crashes is when I'm doing something or using some program that I know has the potential to be unstable and crash, like trying to get the damn 9A499 8600GT drivers to work...No kernel panics whatever I've done. Beachballs if I disconnect my VPN before my network server, but that's just Tiger's lack of multithreading and Leopard fixes it.


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May 3, 2007
In front of my MacBook Pro
I've had a freeze or two, but I've brought them upon myself I'm sure with my transferred apps from the MB. I had one kernel panic because I had my MBP flipped over on my lap a sleep with the battery out when the power adapter decides to fall out of the wall, when it awoke from deep sleep, it KPed. Really, it's nothing to worry about, nothing major has happened since, but iChat is always iffy with the beachball... but hey, it's better than Windows.


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Jul 25, 2007
i actually dont have a mbp YET,but from mac users posts in the can notive that those KPs just happen when you know you are doing something wrong to your the other side, PCs bluescreens of death happen for no reason...i opened my pictures folder this morning and i had a bluescreenn... o_O


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May 16, 2007
I haven't had a single freeze or anything. I did have to shut it down when it was running REALLY slow (because I tried to open 1,600+ iTunes folders at the same time). Other than that one instance, no problems at all!


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Jul 20, 2007
Edmonton Canada
I had one KP about 5 weeks ago with in the first few hours of getting my MBP. Not sure why but I did install 4 gb of ram about 1/2 hour before. Thats it none since then and its been running at lest 8 hours a day.:D


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Feb 15, 2006
I've KPed three times on "my" (it's actually my work's) SR 2.4, and have had the wireless issues that everybody's talked about on here. I'm running 10.4.10 on it. I've had it three weeks so far. It KPed just today, during, of all things, a wake from safe sleep?!

What's crazy is that my Rev B C2D (the one I'm typing on right now) has been absolutely rock solid (knock on wood :) ) with only hyperactive fans being an "issue" (and rather that than fans that don't run at all.)


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Feb 3, 2005
The only time that I've had a kernel panic is when I'm running Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000 all at the same time. My guess is my mac is like "WTF dude!"


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Mar 30, 2007
Firewire 800 and 400 at once?

Funny I find this thread now, I just had two beachball crashes in the last few hours!! I have been pretty stable until then but tonight I tried to plug in my Canon ZR850 via FW to import some home videos into imovie. Well, my local HD is full so I tried to plug in my external HD via FW800. The second both were plugged in, it beachballed on me. I had to force shutdown after trying to quit finder and imovie. After restart, I plugged in just the HD and it came up fine. Added the camcorder and instant beachball!!

So, can anyone help me or maybe recreate the circumstances? I'm running the 15" MBP SR with all the latest patches that I know of. I don't want to ruin the HD or anything else, I just want to be able to import from the camcorder onto the external drive instead of to the local disk! I haven't tried USB2 for the external drive yet (between that and fw800 i chose fw), but if anyone has suggestions it would be greatly appreciated!!



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May 9, 2007
I've gotten about one a week. Two this week, one of them an Airport related one, and the other one is just a mystery


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Jun 5, 2007
I had a KP the week before last. My MBP was a week old. I bought a Sonnet Express34 card. The rolling effect in the dock icons slowed down and then had a KP. Updated the Sonnet drivers. That didn't help. Wrote to Sonnet, who said that the problem is my Seagate FreeAgent Pro 750GB external hard drive:

"We've been having some issues with those drives and our other controllers because of the Oxford Semiconductor bridge chip they use in the box. We're working with OxSemi on this problem. The same problem occurs with the Western Digital MyBook drives."



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Nov 29, 2005
Red Sox Nation
Way too many...

I HAVE LOTS! grrr. This is a problem that Apple has acknowledged (over the phone) that they are working on. My problem is when using WPA/WPA2 encryption on a wireless signal while on battery. This causes network hangups and kernel panics. I've given up trying to connect to wireless while not on AC power so my KPs don't happen anymore. Apple better get a fix out soon. It's been a month and a half of this crap and I am not happy about it. I sold my iMac to buy what has become a smaller, cuter iMac that still needs an outlet.

For more info, see

By the way, when I was using my MBP on battery on the wireless, the Kps sometimes happened as frequently as one every 45 minutes or so. Ridiculous.


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Oct 28, 2006

No crashes, no panics since I purchased my MBP on release week.

I have had Firefox crash once.