Kernel Panics (HELP!)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by odriscs, May 14, 2007.

  1. odriscs macrumors newbie

    Aug 23, 2006

    Hopefully this hasn't been addressed in previous posts but I couldn't locate. Sorry if I'm repeating previously asked questions.

    Am a switcher :apple: and just received delivery of my first Apple two weeks ago. MacBook Pro (2.33Ghz, 3GB RAM, 200Gb HD). Only problem is I've gotten about 7 or 8 kernal panics (I just found out the name for them today) since I got it. It was only after reading the MacRumors guide on kernal panics that i realised how serious they were :eek: , being a Windows user previously you kinda get used to random system crashes!! ;)

    Obviously am a bit worried, Ireland (where I'm from!) being expensive means that i paid over €3500 for the laptop, and don't want something terrible to be wrong with it. Do have the full AppleCare Protection Plan and was on for a chat with those guys, but they didn't do a whole lot for me, got me to reboot the Power Management and they want me to pul out the RAM and check if its properly installed and that was pretty much it. Got the guys email address that I was talking to and sent him a copy of the error message I received but haven't heard anything back from them.

    :confused: So basically all i want is just a bit of info from you guys who'd know a whole lot more about what I should do i.e. should i just chill and it'll be ok, or should I kick up a whole lotta hell with apple, i.e. just bought this laptop yadda yadda yadda already crashing etc etc.

    Thanks for any info guys. :)
  2. sturigdson macrumors regular

    Apr 3, 2006
    I guess the first question is: did resetting the PRAM and checking the RAM take care of the panics?

    If you haven't been getting them after you did this, then you're probably okay.

    Side note: is your 3 GB of RAM Apple, or did you buy it from some other place? If you bought it from another place, it could be some how in conflict.

    Since you've sent your crash logs to the guy you talked to, I think you're in a decent position right now. If you keep having kernel panics, you should email the guy, call apple care again, and tell them what you've done and who you've talked to. Tell them that you've already emailed your crash logs in and have not heard back from them. The logs will tell them where the conflict might be. If it isn't the ram, it could basically any other piece of hardware in the system, or even some software conflict, though with a new machine this is very very unlikely.

    Then insist that the problem is not getting resolved using the steps that they're outlining, and that it is therefore more serious and you need them to take some kind of action.

    In the past, it takes a bit of pushing, but I've had good luck with Apple sending out replacement computers, etc. I don't know what it would be like in Ireland, though.

    Good luck.
  3. CptnJustc macrumors 6502

    Jan 19, 2007
    I had what sounds like the same problem when I first got my Core (non-2) Duo 2.0 last year. In fact, it had its first gray screen of death while installing updates on initial setup. :( Turns out it was somehow related to the wireless adapter... Apple declared it DOA and replaced it for me. New one's been perfectly fine ever since (except for that rattle in the right speaker... sigh).
  4. odriscs thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 23, 2006

    Thanks for the info guys, really appreciated.

    Haven't checked the RAM yet as am in work and haven't had a chance, will do it this evening when I get home.

    Sturigdson to answer your question, yep the RAM is all Apple.

    Obviously being a switcher I was worried I'd done something insanely stupid (not an uncommon thing for me!! :rolleyes: ) but from what I've read up and from what you guys are telling me, whilst this problem isn't exactly normal it is hopefully sortable and not due to me clicking some magical "blow up mac" button that i didn't realise, and if not am sure a replacement can be wrangled from Apple.

    Will update with any news re: RAM check and or communication from AppleCare.

    Again thanks for the prompt replies, they've eased my palpitations!! :D

    p.s. as a random add on, was talking to my brother who tells me that he was watching a Diggnation podcast and Kevin Rose was having similar problems with his MacBook, turned out his LogicBoard was slipping while he had it on his lap causing the kernal panics. Mentioned it to the guy on AppleCare and he said "Laptops shouldn't really be used on your lap" (?!?!) I asked him if they should really call them laptops then as it could cause a bit of confusion, and so he said thats why they're referred to as notebooks and/or portable computers now and they're trying to move away from calling them laptops! Random! :)
  5. odriscs thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 23, 2006
    So checked the RAM and removed it and re-inserted it last week and it was fine. AppleCare sent me a programme on Friday to install and run a diagnostic on my system so after I sent them back the results they sent me an Airport update to install and I installed that, everything seemed to be going fine and then I had two kernal panics one after the other (i.e. had one, shut down computer, started it up, 3 mins later, another one, shut it down and started it back up, frustrating!!) on Sunday.
    So emailed AppleCare again today, and told them that i got yet more kernal panics, that i was pretty dissatisfied with the laptop considering its only out of the box two weeks or so and said that I think a replacement would be the best course of action.

    Haven't heard anything back from them yet *fingers crossed*

    As a random p.s. when I'm running Handbrake (DVD Ripping programme) in the Process's Running on the iStat widget its coming in at between 120% and 170% each time!! Which seems kinda odd, here's me thinking the max it could top out at would be about hmmm maybe 100%! Also when this is happening the CPU temp gets up t about 74 degrees (C)

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