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Discussion in 'macOS' started by theKRONOSX, Sep 7, 2016.

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    Hi. My MacBook Air has only 128 GB of disk space and I basically don't have anything inside. I only use it for Adobe Premiere Pro, when editing and encoding. I can't understand, how is possible that kernel_task in activity monitor uses 102 GB and Other in About This Mac uses 64 GB. But I don't know what is that. Can you help me how to free up disk space?

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    You are in the disk usage section of Activity Monitor, so what that is showing is how much data each process on the list and written and read from the disk. So what that is showing you is that kernel task has written 102GB to the disk since the last reboot. Kernel task is sort of the main process that everything on the system runs through, so what you are seeing is not unexpected. This does not mean that kernel task is using 102GB of disk space.

    Other on About this Mac is everything that is not included in the remaining categories. Things like the OS itself an documents for example. Do you have some reason to believe the total space used on the disk is wrong?

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