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Discussion in 'macOS' started by macbook123, Jul 8, 2009.

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    I feel that this might be a stupid question, but I have to ask anyway: I seem to have problems using key shortcuts. E.g. in Preview I'd like to annotate using a rectangle and don't want to go through "Tools" and "Annotate" each time. Now next to the "Add Rectangle" tool there's the key combination "hat" Command R, which I interpret as Shift-Command-R. However pressing those three keys doesn't lead to the desired effect, i.e. me being able to draw that rectangle. What am I doing wrong? I seem to be having the same problem with other applications. Perhaps I'm interpreting the "hat" wrongly as Shift?

    Thanks in advance for your help...
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    I think you might be confusing the control symbol (looks like ^) with the shift, which is an upward facing arrow.
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    ⌘ = Apple/Command key
    ⌥ = Option key
    ⇧ = Shift Key
    ⇪ = Caps Lock Key
    ⌃ = Control Key
    ↩ = Return/Enter Key
    ⇥ = Tab Key

    Have fun.
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