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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Uralph92, Mar 15, 2017.

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    Mar 12, 2017
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    I have the Apple Magic Keyboard and I can tell you it's excellent. I also have paired it with the Apple Magic Trackpad, I haven't used a traditional Magic Mouse since Apple introduced the external Trackpad in the previous aluminum guise.

    If you need a keyboard that has a 10-key for more rapid data entry, I suggest the Logitech K780, it's a joy to type on and has a stand for your iPhone / iPad / Apple Pencil as well as being able to switch quickly from 3 different Bluetooth profiles, so you can be typing to your computer, switch to iPad, and then switch to your iPhone or whichever 3 Bluetooth devices you choose to pair it to.
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    Jan 23, 2017
    How much are you willing to invest and how nice of a keyboard do you want? IMO, Apple keyboards are decent for OEM, but some aftermarket makers offer much more product for much less money, and products that arguably favor function more over form. Do you prefer wired, wireless, both, or no preference? Do you want a compact or full keyboard?

    I have a Magic Mouse 2 and I like it - the ergos are not great IMO, but when you use a third party App to expand the touch capabilities, this eliminates a lot of the problems with it. I like it for a mouse I don't use constantly. I paid a fraction of MSRP and I do not think I could swallow the full price. For frequent and extended usage, I prefer a mouse a little more comfortable ergos, strongly prefer a wired mouse over wireless, and usually find the gaming mice to be the most useful for non-gaming tasks (despite not being cosmetically pleasing.) I also have the previous generation wireless Apple keyboard, which I also like, but again prefer something else for frequent usage. IIRC many places are selling them (the previous generation Apple wireless keyboard) for around $40 refurbished, which IMO is a much better deal than the original MSRP, which I find to be unreasonably high.

    Right now I am using the Corsair K95 mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown mechanical switches (about $85-105), and a Corsair Harpoon corded mouse (about $15-20). Apple (and no other OEM Maker who's products I have used) produce a keyboard anywhere near that level of quality, and K95 is viewed by many as one of the benchmarks of a high-quality keyboard. For me, the K95 is a bigger usability upgrade than a touch bar and touch screen combined, and I didn't mind remapping the keys (since it is a Windows marked keyboard, as sadly, mechanical Mac keyboards are very limited.) It simply makes using a computer more enjoyable. But I am admittedly biased to mechanical keyboards, and I don't think I could ever shell out much cash for any product that wasn't mechanical. The $15 corded mouse is nicer than many mice I've used that cost upwards of $100.

    One inexpensive wireless (via USB micro transmitter) mouse I have used and love is this VicTsing - I don't know much about the company, but this particular mouse is well-made, comfortable, responsive, durable, holds a solid connection, and is dirt cheap.

    Logitech products for me have been a mixed bag. I feel that their current quality is mixed, but, as a general rule, I feel isn't as high as it was a decade ago (and their shorter warranties didn't help my feeling this way, combined with the tendency for some of their mice to have problems with the left mouse button after extended use.) They have some nice high-end products, many people like their Logitech products (I like most of mine), their products that use the micro USB-A receivers are generally very solid in connection, and their bluetooth products don't always play well with Apple devices. (They have become notorious for taking multiple months to update their own Mac software [such as Logitech Control Center] after a new version of OS X is released - and this has driven many people [myself included] to use a third party mouse control software program, such as SteerMouse.)

    Azio is a relative newcomer to the keyboard world, but I have used quite a few of their products and am happy with both their mechanical and membrane keyboards. Some are priced very reasonable for what they are - others carry a pretty silly price premium. For example, they offer a Mac-marked and designed mechanical keyboard, but they are selling it for $80-90 - the problem is that their mechanical switches are a less expensive brand, and they sell their Windows version of the exact keyboard for around $50-60. By pricing their Mac-marked version of that keyboard so high, it's now in the ballpark pricing of the K95, which is a far superior product.)

    I've used a MacAlly USB wired keyboard, which I also liked the quality & feel of considering it was only around $20.

    The keyboard products I have used from Anker have also left me feeling that there is a lot of value with quality vs. price - however, they probably do not make any keyboards themselves, and likely have multiple companies that supply them with different products (and may even source a single keyboard design from multiple manufacturers.)

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