Keyboard dead, macbook otherwise functioning- can't find any answers online

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by macbook2030, Dec 19, 2009.

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    Dec 19, 2009


    I have been in panic mode last 24 hours or so after I cleaned my macbook with Magic Eraser and wiped with a slightly wet paper towel. My macbook started slowing down, so I restarted it (stupid, I know) and couldn't figure out what the problem was. I have done at least 3-4 hours of research regarding the problem online so and I still need a little bit of advice :(

    I have read the following
    As well as the links in: amongst many on other websites

    My problem is almost identical to the problem in this thread:

    - I have inverted it for 24 hours, I am sure it is completely dry since very little liquid entered in the first place. When I removed the Battery, I noticed a residue from maybe half-a-teardrop of water which scared me. My macbook is cracked near the edges (where the palms lie) and I believe liquid entered through there.

    - I used a fan, removed battery, power source etc. after I tried restarting a couple of times (bad I know)

    Current situation:

    I can turn the macbook on, and at the login screen I get the problem where the sound of a key pressed repeats continiously ("bloom" noise). After 10 seconds or so, pressing any key on the keyboard results in the same noise, with nothing appearing on screen with the exception of 6 keys (Q,J,K,U,N,L). These 6 keys produce no sound. No matter what I type nothing comes in the 'password area of the login screen. My num lock button light turns on when pressed, but the caps lock button no longer lights up.

    My trackpad functions, macbook turns on/off without problem as well.


    From the aforementioned thread:

    Does this sound like I fried some chip on the motherboard (implying a costly replacement of the entire motherboard)? Or will I be able to get away with just replacing the physical keyboard itself? If it is just the keyboard, would I be able to swap *just* the keyboard and not the entire upper body (can you buy the individual keyboard like that?)?

    That leads me to ask, despite being dried out, what exactly is damaged? Are there actual electronics in the keyboard? I have seen macbook keyboards for around $50 online and around $200 installed at the Apple Store (based on my research. If I could get out of this mess for that cost I would be very, very lucky.


    I appreciate any advice I can get, I don't want to barge in to the forums but I am absolutely desperate. I have tried to provide as much detail as possible, and will be monitoring the thread continuously. I will be taking it to the Apple Store (Genius Bar) but I want to have some idea of what's going on. Thank you so much
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    Dec 19, 2009
    There is something new. I believe my problem has not been caused my water in the keyboard, in fact, I no longer believe water entered my keyboard. Based on more searching, I believe the problem may have been caused by the Magic Eraser

    I wiped the palm rest area with the Magic Eraser, which is now the likely cause of my problem. I believe a number of keys are short-circuiting so I am continuing to dry out the macbook as much as possible. Any thoughts on this?

    This is what leads me to conclude:

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