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    Sep 29, 2014
    Well I thought it was a problem with my iPhone 6 itself. At intermittent times, when using the keyboard in landscape it freezes up on me. Then I read on one of the forums that it's a a bug in the software. It was happening so frequently that I exchanged the phone for a new one thinking it HAD to be the phone itself. Now, onto my SECOND iPhone 6, and updating to 8.1, it's STILL HAPPENING, and it's happening more and more.

    Is anyone else having this problem? It's very frustrating and a real PITA when trying to type and email for work when in landscape orientation. I've called apple and was told by them to reset the phone which I have, and even that does nothing.

    If anyone has any info on this it would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

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    Jul 30, 2013

    File a bug report using

    You do NOT need a developer account to do this, just use your iTunes login.

    The more bug reports filed, the quicker things get fixed :)

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