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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by byke, Oct 9, 2009.

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    I need some help if possible.
    My button on my trackpad doesnt seem to work anymore.

    However, its been working fine for a long time (up until now) ..... I would have taken it in for repair, but but I wanted to know more about these moisture sensors located near the keyboard and how to get to them.

    At no point do I keep a drink near by me when on the computer, but while i was on the train a passing passengers drink splashed a tiny bit on my mac and I immediately cleaned it up and continued using the computer.

    It was such a tiny amount and it has been fine ever since that I have never thought twice about it .... until now.

    Basically the repair centers in sweden are under license to apple but not owned by Apple ..... so I now seem to fear that if I take my MBA in and they discover the liquid sensors have been activated that I could end up voiding my warranty and on top of that getting a big bill just for looking at it.

    I cant afford a hefty bill right now .... and to be honest I dont think the "splash" I received did any more damage than me simply cleaning the keyboard with a damp cloth ..... As I have continued to use the computer long after the event and never even needed to turn of the mba and let it dry out or anything like that. But even so for some reason I am paranoid I could go in for repair and find a hefty bill.

    So could anyone tell me where exactly these sensors are and maybe how to get to them so I can check them first to make sure they are all legit before taking my mba in for repair?

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