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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by jsagurton, Feb 22, 2015.

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    Aug 6, 2014
    I'm a grad student in computer science, and I've managed to get a lab workstation to call my own in the last few weeks, so I have set my MacBook Pro up with a second monitor and laptop stand, but given how often I write code, the crappy Lenovo keyboard and mouse I found in a closet on campus are making me crazy. Normally I'd just try to find an Apple keyboard around somewhere, but my university has very few, if any Macs on campus.

    I've been doing some research, and I suppose I'm not having much luck. I'm seriously considering a Magic Trackpad, as I do pretty comfortably use the trackpad on my laptop, but I also like the feel of the mouse. Honestly, the mouse isn't as huge of a concern to me as the keyboard is.

    I'd like a keyboard with decent tactile feedback (my internal keyboard's feel is fine, the Lenovo I think is just EXCEPTIONALLY bad), most of the shortcut keys my internal keyboard offers, don't care about wireless for either the keyboard or the mouse, I'd really prefer it to have the Apple key layout, although I could remap the keys, so a Windows keyboard isn't a deal breaker, last and most important - price - I'm poor, and there are about 10 other people that share this lab, and while I trust them, it's still a lab, not my home setup and I don't want to go crazy. I'd be comfortable spending about $100 for the keyboard and mouse, give or take a bit.

    I've been looking at the Das Keyboard Model S, but it's expensive and some of the reviews indicate that the quality on the newer releases has really slipped, and they don't make their higher-end Ultimate in a Mac key layout. The Matias keyboards are also pretty pricey, although supposedly offer the best feel. They do have a ~$40 USB 2 keyboard that has caught my eye, but the reviews again indicate the quality is shoddy, and I'm curious about the feel of the dome keys. Should I just go with the Apple Keyboard with the number pad? I just feel that it won't feel substantial enough on the bulky keyboard tray at my desk.

    So, programmer/gamer/typing enthusiasts, what's your keyboard of choice? Mouse/trackpad? Does anyone have any recommendations?
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    I'm an Austronaut
    Mouse: Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic
    Keyboard: Moshi Luna

    Wrote a MSc thesis on biophysics with them with out pain on my wrists

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