keyboard problem a1278 - mbp 13 inches mid-2012

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by guidoz, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. guidoz macrumors member

    Mar 7, 2014
    mbp 13 inches mid 2012 italian keyboard, heavily modded through the years [ram upgrade, ssd, optibay, etc].

    Some months ago I started experiencing some problems with thekeyboard. All of a sudden the n key stopped working, and initially only that. Not being able to fix it quickly, I just ignored the problem for a while [using the virtual keyboard or copying and pasting the n when needed].

    More recently I started having problems with other keys too.. like up and down arrows sometimes not working properly [I heavily use them as shortcut in some software i need] and finally, about 10 days ago, the up arrow completely stopped working. More or less at the same time also f1 and f2 stopped working [I use them actually to adjust the brightness of the screen] and maybe some funcition keys... so i finally decided to order a replacement keyboard.

    Today I replaced the keyboard and after finishing I pressed the start button and panicked as it was apparently not starting. when I plugged the magsafe it started immediately without me pressing start button again [not sure how to be honest.. and battery was charged of course], but some keys were not working, specifically 8, i, k, and comma keys, also left and right arrows, and all of the Fx row if not mistaken. quite disappointed I reopened the case and unplugged and replugged the keyboard flat cable... restarted and magically many of the keys that were not working before were now working.... but not everything. Basically all letters and numbers work, but still f1 to f9 keys don't work, as wel as both the shift keys [that's why i'm using square brackets instead of round ones] and ctrl key.

    After this boring description [I went into details because maybe you have a clue on how the different keys are wired to eachother], what do you think is wrong?
    shall i keep unplugging and replugging the flat cable till everything works? or maybe i should clean the contacts? or it's just a faulty replacement? any idea?

    ps: i could check on the virtual keyboard for a visual feedback of the keys, so i'm quite sure it's an hw problem and not a sw...
  2. guidoz thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 7, 2014
    Ok, unplugged and after a lot of effort replugged the flat cable.. now everything seems to work but the ctrl key..... for the moment I'll be happy like this, still I wonder how it is possible (my understanding is that if a whole row is not working, it might be one of the flat connector contacts... but one isolated key is quite weird, isn't it?).

    Any idea about how I can test the key beside the virtual keyboard (just to double check.. but i do think it's not working if it doesn't gie visual feedback there... )?

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