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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Macman45, Oct 1, 2011.

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    This one is more of a mental thing I guess, I find myself switching between keyboards a lot now. Result? Typo's....Too Damn many actually. A shrink friend told me that the reason for my problems is not (As I thought) "Sex Drugs And RocknRoll) but the fact that as a musician my mind kinda "remembers positions very quickly.

    So....I'm typing on my MBA, yep, I miss the odd key, but as time goes on I miss fewer and happy day's, less typos.

    Then I switch to my iMacs keyboard (haven't used it for typing much lately) and Nightmare...Typos galore...I can see what I'm doing by looking down as I type...I'm "Adjusting" for the space between the key's.

    If I can play Bass one night, Lead guitar the next...then play keyboards after that WITHOUT bum notes.....I wonder why my brain can't understand that I have changed keyboards?

    The weird thing is my iPad causes me no problems at all....In fact I raced a friend of mine with a short 2 paragraph song verse, me on my iPad and with him using his MBP.

    I beat him by a full 30 seconds, and we are about the same level of typing ability. I'm loath to buy another keyboard that's more like my iMac (full numbered) default, but I'm thinking about it...Anyone got any ideas for a compromise?

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