Keyboard types two keys at once


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Jul 30, 2010
So a few days ago I spilt tea on my MBP. When I opened it back up everything seemed to be in working condition, however a few of my keys were sticky. So, yesterday I took them off and started cleaning. That's when things went down hill.

Now, my keyboard will type two letters at the same time. For example, when I press "r" it will type "ry". It does this for the whole row. The Dashboard key brightens the screen and brings up the dashboard. 4 types 46. f types fh. v types vn. And space doesn't space.

Are things completely fried?


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Feb 9, 2010
mine has a similar issue. Although its only the j and k m and , and u and i keys... any ideas form anyone? I tried a complete fresh install of OSX and also an external keyboard does work perfectly... any ideas?


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Jun 19, 2011
Yeah I have had this problem before and its not something I want to have happen again.

Hopefully no liquid got on the connector that goes to the logic board.

I would try to clean the keys again, liquid might get into the rubber grommet thats right under the key..

Good luck.
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