Keyboards settings (French --> English)


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Aug 7, 2011
Liverpool, UK
Is there a way to 'convert' an Apple keyboard which is designated French so that I can use it to type English? The last time I looked (and I am not a French speaker) all the letters are shared between the two languages with the extras of a few accenuations etc. I inherited one of these and looking to see if I can use it although keyboards don't get much use with this particular machine which is mainly used as a home server.

Is there a setting somewhere that I can simply change to convert this keyboard to English?



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Mar 17, 2007
go to settings -> language & text -> input sources tab and then scroll down and click on whatever version of english you want.

I've checked "show input menu in menu bar" since I actually switch between a few languages, but if you're just sticking to english this won't be necessary.

hope that helps!
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