Keychain Hacked?


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Feb 6, 2006
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While I was waiting to see the Mac Genius about my MacBook Pro, I called up KeyChain Access and got a very strange screen when I clicked on “Show Password” (as shown in the upper pane in the attached graphic).

In the lower pain, rather than wanting my machine password (as one would expect), it only seems to take the password in question, in this case that for Amazon. As you can see, the lower pain is gobbledygoop as well.

I’m a little worried that the machine may have been compromised via public WiFi at Apple or via some other means, though I do run AntiVirus software.

Anybody have an opinion about what has happened here? I am running the beta of 10.10.4 but I upgraded today to the most recent beta and the problem remains.


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Jul 30, 2003
Yes, that's no indication that you have been 'hacked', just a font issue.
The font that you use might not be correctly accessed for the authentication window, so you will see those garbage characters - your system is choosing the right characters, but your font is not correct. Change back to the normal font - or you might also fix that by clearing system font caches and restarting.
And, likely your "genius" would fix that, too, as they probably see that from time to time.