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    Tried to find answers elsewhere but to no avail, if anything I'm more confused!

    1) When a website is going to autofill my password/ username does keychain then ask for a password for the autofill to take place? Sort of like one master password...

    2) Does iCloud prompt a password when I want to look at my stored keychain passwords on my iOS device/ mac?

    ^^I only ask the above question because I've seen different things from different people on here regarding this. Some saying that it doesn't prompt for a password so in theory anyone with access to your phone can view your stored keychain passwords.

    Thanks in advance :D
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    1) No it does not, because you have already unlocked the keychain by logging in.

    2) To actually see a stored password you will need to manually enter your login password in Keychain.

    Here is how it works on OS X. When you double click a keychain entry you get this popup.


    That show password box will be unchecked. When you check the box like in my screenshot, you get this popup asking for your login password. Once that is entered the saved password is displayed in the password field.


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