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Discussion in 'macOS' started by psiachris, Nov 12, 2007.

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    Mar 27, 2007
    hello, please forgive the post if it is repetitive, i tried to search but the search doesn't seem to work right now.

    can someone explain what, exactly, keychain is and the types of passwords it should store/should prompt you to store? an example would be i logged into yahoo mail and i wasn't prompted. i'm just confused as to how to use it or if what i am thinking it is for is really what it's for.

    i am new to the current macs, though a mac SE got me through college and my computer "life" began on a II+ way back when. i just got a new macbook and it's great so far. it is to replace a windows desktop which is on its last legs. the transition went well in terms of moving my iTunes library and setting up my wireless access.

    this site helped me and my decision greatly, i didn't post much because reading all of the threads, even the very in depth technical ones, really educated me so thanks for that and thanks for your patience with this basic question.
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    mad jew

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    Keychain Access stores whichever passwords it is allowed to access and store. Many websites including a lot of bank sites will not allow an operating system to remember the user's details for obvious reasons. Whether or not Keychain Access can remember a password or username depends almost entirely upon how the site is coded. :)

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