Keylogger on my computer or something?

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    Hello, I am worried that I might have a keylogger on my computer or something like that. 2 months ago someone got my bank information and used it to transfer money to their paypal. Luckily it was taken care of quickly. Today I got an email from my bank saying there was an attempted unauthorized login. I called my bank right away, changed my username and password. The thing is, I don't know how someone got a hold of my bank username. I don't even know how someone was able to get my bank information either.

    I rarely log in to my bank website by the way. This is just weird. All my other online accounts for various websites/services are just fine. With that said, is there any way I can check my computer if it has a keylogger or malware or something? I run both Mac OSX and Windows. I am very careful on websites I go to and I don't click on any suspicious emails. Again, I do not know how somebody could have gotten my bank info and username. My bank info was connected to my paypal (different email) but there was no suspicious activity on paypal. I don't even know if its a keylogger or something else. I don't know what it is. Maybe this happened on my phone? (I don't install anything that's not from Google Play store). Is any of this even related at all?

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    First of all, I've no idea how competent you are with online security, so don't take offence...

    Are you sure the email from your bank was genuine? My banks have always called or written to discuss security issues. It could have been a scam email sent to everyone and you're just picking up on it because of your history. You say you don't click on suspicious emails, but any email from a bank I treat as suspicious. Did this email ask you to change your username and password? Did it direct you to a website where you could do that?

    Second of all, my banks never ask me to type or speak the full password anywhere so a keylogger wouldn't be an optimal way to steal my login password. Is your bank the same? Has there been an occasion where they appeared to break that policy and have you type the whole thing? Can you think of a place you might ever have typed that password? Do you use the same password at any other sites or have it written in a document somewhere? If this was caused by a keylogger there would have to be two problems, 1.the keylogger, and typing the password somewhere you probably shouldn't. If 2 is happening, you don't need 1 to get hacked. If you see what I mean.

    And third of all, a good virus scanner would detect keyloggers.
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    First get a Mac trojan scanner and scan your Mac.

    Secondly get the freeware EtreCheck and run the program. It will print out a report that is detailed enough for you to see the path to bad programs, etc, then reboot after all you manually deletions.

    Do these two things and you should get rid of the bad program.
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    The email wasn't from your bank I bet.
    My bank would never send such
    Also have someone look at the network traffic for anything suspicious besides the things already suggested.

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