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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Fa7mac, Nov 11, 2010.

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    Aug 27, 2009
    So I'm doing a presentation about Playing Cards for a contest. I design a full deck of cards on Photoshop and them convert each card to .png to insert them on keynote one by one to arrange them like a spread deck, I put 40 cards in one slide with some object animation as well as slide animations
    The problem is: when I run the "view test" to see who the slides looks like, it takes FOREVER to jump to one slide to the other, and the animations barely play, I tried to make a QT video to try to see, and Keynote doesn't handle it and crashes.

    I looked up to the Activity monitor, and it told me the keynote was using almost 800mb of memory (out of 4gb), to be fair I quit all the apps running just to make keynote "feel better", no progress.
    The only solution was to delete the slides with the 40 cards and just work on the slides with less than 10 cards and add those 40 cards slides back when the presentation is done.
    But it is so inconvenient as some objects animations on some slides are related, including all the slides with the 40 cards, furthermore I have to present it, the solution would be convert to QT movie but again keynote doesn't handle it.
    I'm very disappointed with keynote, I wasn't expecting this malfunction at all.
    What should I do?
    Any bad experiences with keynote as well?
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    Jan 16, 2003
    That does sound pretty intense. How big are your PNGs? Consider your presentation resolution (see 'document' inspector settings) then make your cards as small as possible without sacrificing quality.

    Are you on a MBP? Make sure you are not on 'best battery life' in the Energy Saving preferences. Also, being plugged in may help.

    When I have a rich presentation to do, I let it run through first (also 'document' inspector - I set it to self-playing and let it run through every build automatically).

    Good luck!

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