Keynote 6: Now in Mandatory Low Res?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by evangw, Oct 24, 2013.

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    I just "updated" to Keynote 6, and had a couple major issues that I couldn't find solutions to, but maybe someone else has come across them.

    Vector images --> Raster images
    1) I have a lot of high quality, very large PDFs (like 2 MB) in a presentation. They have a bunch of text that is illegible from a distance, but if I zoom into 400% then it's crisp and clear. Keynote 6 was so clever it downsampled all my images without asking me, and converted them from vector graphics to rasterized graphics, so they look horrible at 400%. I could not find a way to disable this. Any ideas?

    2) Presentation slide: 800x600 is good enough for the entire world now? I can't find any way to change the slide size. Coupled with the fact that vector images are seemingly no longer supported (see #1), this means I can't import my images without them looking terrible if I want to blow them up.

    Anyone else having issues with this? I also love how keynote converted my 68 MB presentation to a 40 MB presentation without asking or keeping a backup (though I had backed it up before and didn't lose anything).

    Fortunately Keynote 5.3 still works on Mavericks.
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    iWork13 is looking to be a horrible misstep. Worse than FCPX. They will have to fix this mess.
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    The default slides are 1024x768. You can change it by clicking Setup at the top right and choosing a custom size.
  4. olivierp, Nov 8, 2013
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    I agree, the loss of vector graphics in Keynote is a disaster! I guess I'll try to lift Keynote 5 back out of time machine
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