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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by BlindSpoTT, Feb 16, 2011.

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    Nov 29, 2010
    ok, so i have been putting some keynote presentations together, and saving them as PPTs, but i have been running into some snags.... if anyone can help that would be great! (i know this isnt the best resource for this, but it is worth a shot)

    ok issue 1:
    my very first slide i have a "build in" for the text, i used "scale up". then as i go to the next side i use the same effect (scale up) as a "build out" to exit the slide. BUT when i save as a PPT, it changes it. the "build in" works great, the text fades in and scales up, but as i exit to the next slide, the "build out" changes to "scale down", so the text fades out and shrinks.... i know this is a minor issue, but it can be that PPT is compatible with the "build" i used, because it works the first time, but not the second, and they are the SAME effect.

    when i save my presentation as a PPT, and i open it on a windows 7 computer, if i try to make changes, it will not let me, and gives an error about not being able to save the changes. (really if i could fix this issue, than i can fix #1 in PPT)

    again i know this may be the wrong place to ask this, but i am already a member here, and i dont feel like registering elsewhere if i dont have to.
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    If you are only making Keynote presentations to save as Powerpoint, then you are going to be better off Using Powerpoint to begin with. As you have found out, there are problems going form one to another.

    If you don't want to by Microsoft's Office then have a look at the two free options for Macs, Open Office and Neo Office(which is based on Open Office).
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    The error about not being able to save changes sounds like it may be a permissions issue (The exact text of the error would be helpful). Before you move the presentation to the Windows machine, check the Get Information and go down to permissions at the bottom of the dialogue box. Toggle "everyone" to "read and write."

    I have also resolved this by opening a presentation and then saving it as another file using file-->"save as."

    Some transition just don't translate well from Keynote to PPT, so it is best keeping transitions, builds, and animations to a minimum. Those you keep should be simple.

    I have a massive collection of Keynote presentation that I want to convert to PPT, and it is a nightmare. Things like grouped images that worked fine before have caused errors after minor updates to PPT.

    Sadly, if you are going to have to work with PPT, it is easier to start with PPT. Right now I am working of a list of things that cause problems in exporting to PPT and inspecting each presentation to eliminate the issues before exporting.

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