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Cave Man

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Really frustrated. Just recorded a 15 minute talk on Keynote. When I play it back in Keynote, everything is fine. However, when I export it, the audio is missing. I can see the video track in Quicktime's Inspector, but there is no audio track. Same if I open with VLC or IINA; video track is there but audio track is missing. Any idea how to get this fixed?


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Nov 28, 2016
When you export as a Movie, there's a choice for either "Self Playing" or "Slideshow Recording". It seems like Self Playing doesn't save the narration with it, but Slideshow Recording does. Could that be the issue?


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Dec 12, 2021
Had the same problem. In the meantime, I export to Keynote 09, and do it again, and then it works. a mystery.
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