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    Sep 25, 2015
    I just finished building an 8 minute long, Self-playing Keynote presentation with embedded video on 16 slides. What a pain!

    Oh, Keynote handles the embedded .m4p videos just fine, when it is set to “Normal” Presentation Type, where the presenter can be sure the video has finished before moving on. But when set to Self-Paying, the videos get cut to match the presentation wide Transitions Delay regardless of the length of the video on that slide.

    I worked around this by setting the Document to Self-Playing with 2s Delays for both Transitions and Builds. Then I set the Build In for each video to “After Transition” with a 0s Delay and the Build Out to “After Build 1” with a custom delay that closely matched the length of the video.

    Please tell me there is a better way.

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    Dave Braine

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    No, there isn't. Builds/Transitions are timed from the start of the previous item, so you have to do what you are doing.
  3. getrealbro, Nov 10, 2018 at 1:03 PM
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    Sep 25, 2015

    The way Keynote handles Self-Playing presentations with embedded videos is just silly.

    By default when you turn on Self-Playing, Keynote ignores the length of any embedded video and skips to the next slide after a fixed delay. In other words, when you set Self-Playing, Keynote assumes that you didn’t actually want to show the whole embedded video after all.

    This could be fixed with a simple option to “Play full videos” when you select Self-Playing.
    At the very least, Keynote could offer to set the Stop Movie delay to the length of the video.

    Either would be helpful since currently the Stop Movie Delay work around is limited to videos of 99 seconds or less.

    BTW Since each of my slides has Transition set to start Automatically, once I added the Build In & Build Out for each video to: Start Movie After Transition with a 0s delay and Stop Movie After Build 1 with the length of the video as the delay…. the presentation became “Self Playing” even when set to Normal.


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