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  1. JoeKarame macrumors regular


    May 2, 2005
    Hi all.

    First time poster, but have perused the forums a fair while!

    I've picked up iWork on release, and have enjoyed tinkering with Pages - it certainly isn't as powerful as Word, but it does have some incredibly nice templates which I tend to use for various work things.

    However, the real jewel for me is Keynotes. I spent this weekend doing some presentation work, and I must say the ease of use of this compared to Powerpoint is phenomenal.

    My knowledge of Powerpoint was pretty minimal certainly, and I'm sure with time, I'd be able to do something okay with it, but quite honestly the results I got for a first run in Keynotes was just eye-opening. Sure, I'm a sucker for eye-candy (some of the transitions are just brilliant), but at the end of the day I wanted to produce something which looks attractive, and was relatively interesting. And I think I got that done.

    It's a relief to know that I can export things to Powerpoint too - everything at work is PC based, despite my better judgement, but there we go!

    Anyone else use it, and been pleased with the results?

    For the price, I really don't think it can be beat the moment.
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    Nov 13, 2004
    Cincinnati, OH
    I would like to know about how people like using presentations made by keynote on windows. porting to powerpoint of course, is out of the question, but what about quicktime and flash? can you even go fullscreen without a windows pro key?
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    Jul 6, 2004
    Nagoya, Japan
    I think Keynote 2's presentations look just stunning. Head and shoulders above Powerpoint. Exporting to Quicktime produces lovely results too, and exporting to Flash gives you a presentation you can drop into a web page.
  4. DXoverDY macrumors 6502a

    Apr 19, 2005
    just got to try the trial that came with tiger and i am pretty impressed with Keynote myself. haven't tried pages yet.

    But i mentioned this before and i'll say it again. a presentation isn't about being attractive and full of eye candy. the data within is the important bit of info. notice steve jobs keynotes? they're typically black background with white text.. why? because the data and info presented is the important part, not the pretty pictures. remember that when you start presenting material. you can use all the eyecandy you want but that just distracts people from the meat of the presentation, the data.
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    May 2, 2005
    You can export your Keynote file to Powerpoint!

    It does of course lack a load of the snazzy graphic effects, but with a bit of adjusting you can do a fairly decent copy!
  6. JoeKarame thread starter macrumors regular


    May 2, 2005

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