"Keys out of order" error. Utility Disk won't repair and fsck -f gives the same erro

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Shay21, Jul 6, 2015.

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    Jul 6, 2015
    Hey guys,
    I had installed Windows 7 on my Mac and wanted to get rid of it. I went to Utility disk and deleted the partition. Tried to increase the mac partition size and got Keys out of order error. Then per online forums I went to recovery mode by pressing command + R and tried to repair disk. Still got the same error. Then went to the mode with all the code in it and ran fsck -f and still got error!!!

    I have never backed up my data and would like to obviously keep my data but hey if not possible I just want my comp fixed :(

    Can anyone help me pleaseeee!!!! PS i am not very technical (as you can probably tell) so it would be great if you can spell out the steps for me.
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    Aug 31, 2011
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    Basically, Disk Utility, which is what you are accessing when you run the fsck command cannot fix a "Keys out of order" error.

    I have had that error (albeit on a PowerMac G5 running Panther) and it necessitated a reinstall. At the time I had DiskWarrior 3.x something which I tried to use as well but it could not fix it.

    As of version 4.x however, one of the selling features of DiskWarrior is that it will fix a Keys out of order error. Alsoft, which makes DiskWarrior is currently on version 5 now (which now comes on a USB stick and not a CD/DVD anymore).

    DiskWarrior is not that expensive so if your data is valuable to you, you might look in to it.

    The upshot here is that as a part of Alsoft's support they will recover a drive for you if the tool does not work. They will try some other things first though as they have a way to access more powerful commands (they will tell you what to do over the phone/IM), but if that fails, send them a spare drive and they will recover your data from the bad drive to the spare drive and send both back.

    I've had them do this for me and it's an excellent service. They even paid to have the drive shipped to and from.

    Hope that helps, as Disk Utility won't work, it's either DW or reinstalling your OS.

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