Kicking myself yet again (refurb)

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    I always seem to procrastinate on decisions regarding expensive stuff until it's too late, and it happened again. Had to put off buying a refurbished m370x from the refurb store until today, and they're apparently sold out now. Literally missed it by a day lol.

    I was curious if there's some sort of loose schedule Apple likes to go by for releasing refurbished units, or if it's just random? I know there's a new model coming spring of next year, but I didn't wanna wait that long. Really wanted the latest model with heavy OpenCL optimization since I edit in FCPX, but i've always bought refurbs since they're such great deals.
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    Well that's a bummer the system is rather random. I'd hate to wait a few months, buy one next time, and then have to see the next iteration of rMBP line drop soon after. I guess i'll have to decide on whether to snag an Iris Pro model to hold me over till the next round, or blow the extra $200-300 I coulda saved...or keep the one I have a little longer altho it's stressing hard on mild workloads.

    tl;dr Ty for the clarification, sad there's no schedule for refurb models.

    BTW does anyone know if Apple stores possibly order refurb models for people if they are in stock before being placed on the online store?
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    No they don't you have whats in the online store and thats it you order them when available and thats all you can do with apple refurbs, they come up fairly regularly though so should only be a few days to a week before what you want comes up again.

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