Kids Boats - Educational Game About Geography And Animals

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    Pyjamas Apps - a team creating educational games for kids - is going to release Kids Boats later this week. In the game players will need to maneuver a paper boat in the river, collecting stars, messages in the bottles and evading obstacles. The game introduces kids to different climate zones and animals living there - so they will learn to recognize different animals and environments. A variety of control options develops fine motor skill and allows selecting the most comfortable one for every child. The game will be available on both iPhone and iPad.

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    About Pyjamas Apps team:
    Pyjamas Apps was founded in 2012 for creative IT solutions development. Team strives to offer apps that strengthens kid's abilities such as ability to play alone, ability to express meanings, ability to create and imagine and others that could be less developed with high usages of IT products.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us via email:

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