Kids Puzzles Train Adventure

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    * Uniquely designed scenes (underwater world, universe, farm, dinosaurs, jungles, and many others)
    * 3 game modes (Live Pictures, Endless Puzzles, and Sandbox)
    * Interactive scenes that come alive after every puzzle completion
    * Hundreds of play objects, sounds, and animations
    * Game process is natural and was designed for small kids


    Kids Puzzles Train Adventure is an interesting, lively puzzle game which entails assembling a complete picture from the individual puzzle pieces. Every time a new element is dragged and dropped into the scene, the picture comes to life, and new surprises are revealed. Everyone loves surprises, especially young children. The game features many interesting environments: universe, underwater world, farm, jungles, dinosaurs, birds, and many other fun themes.

    Even the main scene is fascinating - the moving little steam engines drag colorful train cars with puzzles on them, and the two main train compositions are also separate free bonus games. One of them lets children engage their imagination and create their own illustration; the other game has an infinite number of paper puzzles.

    Kids Puzzles Train Adventure is a logic educational game for boys and girls. It trains the memory, attention, and fine motor skills. You can be sure that your child will spend many pleasant and fruitful hours solving our puzzles.

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