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Discussion in 'iPad' started by nrvna76, Nov 2, 2014.

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    Looking for some advice. I bought a 3rd generation iPad on launch for myself. It was soon after hijacked by my 2 year old. She uses it for stored movies, Netflix, and some games and learning apps. It is starting to blow through battery in about half the time it used to so we are thinking of getting her a new tablet, but I'm not sure the iPad is right for a kids device. We have a kids proof case on it and everything but I think the air 2 May be a little too thin for her. Any of you have tablets for your kids, advice on what may be a good buy? Not sure if maybe a kindle is better as a kids device, it's certainly cheaper. Thanks for any replies.
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    Kids tablet

    Honestly if you just want a tablet to watch movies and play games and aren't tied to just iOS devices Amazon makes a kid friendly tablet and so does Samsung. My niece has a Samsung tab 3 7.0 and still in great condition naked and she is 3. They also make one with a friendly case for kids. Amazon kindle fire also has a kid friendly one which includes a case and a warranty that covers drop and damage for under $200. If you want to stay with iOS I suggest the iPad mini 2 since they are only $299 now

    Amazon kindle fire for kids

    Or Samsung has 2

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