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    Apr 19, 2010
    I received my Killspencer leather iPad case, these are made at an independent workshop in LA. High quality materials, glovesoft leather, very attractive masculine case. Has 3 open side pockets, but is basically an iPad only sized zippered carry case. The side pockets are not secure, one of the cons for me. I do not want to put my iPhone in an open side pocket, where it is partly exposed in view. KS will customize cases for a fee, but at $189+ I personally would not want to pay more for a custom order.
    Unfortunately I am expecting bad job news soon and decided this is a luxury item I can not keep.

    I love KS's use of high quality materials and attractive design approach, their website presentation and other product lines are equally compelling. My case came with a flaw in the zipper assembly and I returned it and it was quickly fixed and shipped back to me with a bonus iPhone skin they also sell.
    Wish I could keep it but my priorities have changed. PS- not trying to sell it here.
    They seem expensive, but the apple leather smart cover is $70+ for a flap of coarser, poorly dyed leather.
    Check em out

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