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    So with it being halloween and what not, I was out and about in costume and got some nice pictures and all. But at the end of the day, I was asked this girl for her name so i could tag her in some pictures of us on facebook. I had the facebook app open on my phone and let her search her name before she left. Anyways, i didn't immediately look at it until after she left. It said her last name was Proven, but that it didn't have any search results. I said to myself, "well duh, it didn't find any results because it was searching my friends and not everyone".

    Well, I just searched it on facebook and found no one. So I'm sitting here, thinking maybe I got shafted, although I kinda doubted it. I was telling this to my friend and he went "did your iphone autocorrect it?"

    And then it hit me; her last name wasn't proven; it was auto-corrected. It's great that I have a first name, but it's kind of difficult sifting through 500+ people on my college network (assuming she is even on the network) trying to find one person.

    So kinda sad, but kinda funny at the same time. Happy halloween!
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    Aug 18, 2009
    Oh that is very annoying! I always make sure I pay attention while I type on my iPhone because, though the autocorrect can be a great thing sometimes, it can be very annoying if you're typing names etc!

    Once I was typing my friend's name "Gina" into the phone so it 'corrected' it to "gins", I clicked X on that, but next time I typed the name it tried changing it to "guns"! Stupid bloody phone!!!

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