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    What is Who Will Rule?
    Who will Rule - is a beautifully crafted fable on an iTouch/iPhone based on an Australian aboriginal tale which takes you through an exciting journey of changes the planet earth goes through and the animals that cohabit.







    App Description:

    Who Will Rule is a beautifully crafted story about a time long ago when birds, animals, fishes, insects and reptiles lived happily together. But as each species begins to take up more room, a quarrel breaks out about who will rule the world? Will a once peaceful eco-system break down or will one humble creature make all the difference? Based loosely on an Australian Aboriginal tale, Who Will Rule lightly explains a home truth – we’re all a part of this world, and everyone is equally important.

    Gorgeous hand drawn illustrations merge Indian and Aboriginal folk art, and animated characters bring the book to life. Children have the following options when reading the book:

    “Read to Me” – Listen to the narrated story

    “I Read” – Read the book at your own pace with plenty of stopovers to play with the creatures

    Additional Features:

    Choice of 4 languages – English, French, Spanish and German
    Record the story in your voice
    Change narrator’s tone – 5 different options
    Fun sounds and animations

    Who Will Rule will be released in April 2010 - Stay tuned for more developments!

    Visit us at

    Feel free to send me an email if you need more information.
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    Not to be that guy, but shouldn't a purported educational book spell 'quarrel' correctly?

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