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Discussion in 'iPad' started by AFRet, Apr 24, 2010.

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    Every time I try to buy a book from Amazon for my Kindle App, Amazon routes me to the Buy A Kindle First page. Won't let me download a book for Kindle, 'cuz they don't think I have a Kindle reader. I downloaded it from the App Store - for free, and now can't use it. Anybody else have similar experiences?

  2. ren857 macrumors member

    Oct 23, 2007
    Go to you browser and go to amazon's site and sign in there. Go to "manage my kindle" and see if your iPad is showing as one of your kindle devices. It should. If not, I recommend you uninstall then reinstall the kindle app and try again.

    One thing I did notice is that when I used the kindle app to go to amazon's kindle site, it didn't work at first. I went into safari and opened up a blank page, then went back to the kindle app and tried it again. It worked that time. It's a little buggy.
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    Kindle App

    Although I do not have my IPad yet (fingers crossed for an in-store purchase on the 30th). My Kindle app for the IPhone, PM and the Mac asks me where to deliver the book I ordered. Having said this, you must have a Kindle to have a Kindle account. In your account preferences you can choose where to have a copy of what you already own sent in a pull down list of devices registered in your account list. For example mine lists my Kindle for PC, my Kindle for Mac and my IPhone, I presume that Kindle for IPad will show up once I download to and sign on from the IPad.
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    Don Kosak

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    I do not have a Kindle device.

    I have the Kindle App for my iPhone, iPad, and iMac.

    The devices are listed under "My Account" > "Digital Content: Manage your Kindle" on the Amazon.Com web page.

    When I buy books, it asks me if I want it delivered to my iPhone, iPad, or iMac. From any of my devices I can access any book I own by picking "Archived Items" and grabbing the book over the air.

    You may want to try registering your iPad Kindle app to your account. That option is under the settings screen. (click the (i) icon on the bottom right of the Kindle App screen.)

    If you want to turn on the slick page-turn animations, etc. in the Kindle App for iPad, click the (i) icon at the bottom right of the screen, Click "settings", and turn "basic reading mode" off.

    The Kindle App on iPad is really well done. (Better than the Mac version IMHO.)

    Oh, and while you'e in the Kindle store, by one of my wife's books! :) Her name is "Wen Spencer" and she writes Sci-Fi and Fantasy books.
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    If it's trying to sell you a kindle every time you try to buy a book, perhaps you don't have an amazon account yet? If you download the kindle app for PC, osx or iPod touch/iPhone, and have a valid amazon account for buying physical books you should be all set. You can associate your amazon account with any instance of kindle software and your books should show up over the network. The kindle PC app doesn't work through some firewalls.
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    Do you even have a Kindle account? You do NOT have to have a Kindle device to buy Kindle books BUT you do need to establish an account first.

    Enjoy and lastly you can have up to 6 devices and read and synch the sames books to all or any of your devices. ;)
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    +1 :cool:

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