Kindle Fire Kids' Edition?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by whodatrr, Oct 31, 2015.

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    Jan 12, 2004
    Anyone else love these things?

    As a father of several kids, there are a few challenges:
    1. Buying tablets for kids is expensive
    2. Kids break their tablets
    3. Parental control is important... OK for them to read, bad for them to play too much minecraft
    4. Content is expensive
    5. I want a safe environment

    For $99, Amazon solves all this. Though I've been rolling with kids' Kindles for a while, the latest rev is the best. This $99 tablet performs well enough, and the screen is good enough for kids. It comes with a no questions warranty for drops and breaks. It comes with a kids' rubber case, strong enough to withstand drops and breaks. It also comes with 1yr of Kindle FreeTie, which includes just about all the games, books, educational content, learning videos, etc that you'll likely ever need. Oh, it has a kids' user interface that allows adults to control their behavior (eg. 2hours of book, 30mins of games a day - with no use past 8:30 PM).

    the latest version also comes with an SD slot, so you can upgrade the storage cheaply.

    If you have young kids and you're not against them having tablets, do check these out.

    and some of the educational games are pretty good. Our two year old is making good progress on counting, spelling, etc. with some help from this device. Good stuff....

    Oh, and before the question comes up - This its indeed Amazon's $50 tablet. But it does with a kid-friendly case, a no-questions accidental damage warranty, and a year of Amazon Free-Time. Add the extras up and it's well worth the extra $50.
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    The Kindle Fire tablet is now $49.99. You could get one for everyone in the family and not sweat it.

    I just had a Donor's Choose project funded for my classroom, and got 6 of these, plus bluetooth keyboards. Can't beat it with a stick.
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    Jan 12, 2004
    Yep, and they have their 6-pack deal, which is buy 5 get one free. That works out to under $42 per tablet. Pretty good deal, especially for kids. Amazing how cheap some of this technology is getting.


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