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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by jashsayani, Mar 4, 2009.

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    I just got Kindle app on the iPhone... I have converted a few PDF files to Kindle format usinf the Stanza Mac app. Now, how do I get it on the Kindle app ??
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    I too would like to make this work... but I'm not sure that it's possible.

    I believe when you convert files to the kindle format with Stanza and put them on your kindle, it has a special e-mail address that you send them to as attachments.

    But, as non-kindle owners, we don't get a special e-mail address:(

    Then again, this is all speculation so maybe that's not how it works.

    P.S. I want a kindle. Anyone want to give me $360?:cool:
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    San Jose, CA
    No luck yet!

    Really need an answer to this....
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    Aug 10, 2006
    First, you need an Amazon account. I do have a Kindle1 & 2 but when I put it on my iphone it created a iphone account for me under them. My iphones name is Paul and he has his own id on my 'Manage your Kindle' section on Amazon.

    There is an iphone & ipod touch section. I cut/paste all the info for you.

    Installing Kindle for iPhone
    To access your Kindle library and shop for Kindle books at from your iPhone or iPod touch, you'll need to visit the iPhone App Store and download the Kindle for iPhone application.

    To install Kindle for iPhone:
    Visit by tapping the App Store icon on the home screen of your iPhone or iPod touch. You can also get the application through the iTunes Store.
    Search for "Kindle for iPhone" or find it in the alphabetical list of applications.
    Follow the on-screen install instructions.
    When your installation is complete, simply tap the Kindle for iPhone icon on your iPhone and iPod touch to start accessing or building your Kindle books library.

    Managing Your Kindle for iPhone Registration
    Logging into your account through Kindle for iPhone registers your device to your account and gives you access to your existing Kindle library.

    After you log into your account for the first time, you never need to log in again from your iPhone or iPod touch. Every time you access Kindle for iPhone, you'll be instantly connected to your account and can access your Kindle library.

    To register with your account:
    Enter your account e-mail address and password when you first launch the Kindle for iPhone application.
    Tap the "Register" button.
    You can also tap the "i" icon on the Kindle home screen, to access the Info screen and view or change your account registration.

    Signing Out and Deregistering
    When you "sign out" through Kindle for iPhone, your device is deregistered and will no longer be automatically associated with your account.

    When you deregister, no additional content can be downloaded or purchased from your account using Kindle for iPhone until you register again.

    To deregister by using the Kindle for iPhone application:
    Tap the Kindle for iPhone icon on your iPhone or iPod touch.
    If you're not on the Home screen, tap the Home button.
    Tap the "i" icon in the lower right-hand corner to visit the Info screen.
    Tap "Registered to . . ." at the top of the screen.
    Tap the Deregister button.
    To deregister online:
    Visit the Manage Your Kindle page at
    Locate your device in the "Your iPhone(s) and iPod Touch(es)" section.
    Click the "Deregister" link.
    How do I buy Kindle for iPhone-Compatible Reading Material?
    You can shop the Kindle Store on and choose a registered iPhone or iPod touch as the delivery location so any content you buy is waiting to download the next time you launch the application.

    To make a purchase from the Amazon Kindle Store:
    Visit the Kindle Store at
    Search or browse for the books you want to read.
    Visit the product detail page and click the "Buy now with 1-Click" button to complete your purchase. You'll have the option to choose your Kindle for iPhone application to receive the download if it's registered.
    Log-in (if requested). The purchase will automatically be completed and sent to your Kindle for iPhone.
    Paying for Your Purchase
    Kindle for iPhone uses your 1-Click payment settings specified in Your Account and on the Manage Your Kindle page. See the Updating your 1-Click® Payment Method section on the Shopping the Kindle Store from Your Kindle Help page for information about setting or updating your 1-Click payment method.

    Reading Samples
    The Try a Sample button on an item's product detail page lets you download a pre-selected portion of the book for free. If you like what you read, you can order the complete book right from your iPhone or iPod touch and continue reading.

    Downloading your Kindle Content on Kindle for iPhone
    Kindle for iPhone allows you to access your Kindle library archived on and then delete items after you've finished reading them. The instructions below will help you manage the Kindle content stored on your iPhone or iPod touch.

    Downloading Archived Items to Kindle for iPhone
    If you've purchased a Kindle book that doesn't appear on your Kindle for iPhone Home screen, you can download it from your account at or deliver it remotely online. Here's how to do both:

    To download archived Kindle content using Kindle for iPhone:
    Tap the Home tab if you aren't already on the Home screen.
    Tap on "Archived Items" at the bottom of the Home screen.
    Tap on the desired title from the Archived Items list.
    Remain in Kindle for iPhone while the download completes (do not exit the application).
    To send content to Kindle for iPhone remotely:
    Visit the Manage your Kindle page at
    Locate the title you wish to download in the "Your orders and individual charges" section.
    Choose your iPod or iPhone touch from the "Download/Send to . . ." pull-down menu.
    If your iPhone or iPod touch is connected to a network, your book will download and appear on the Kindle Home screen the next time you open Kindle for iPhone. You may be prompted to log into your account if you haven't already.

    Using Whispersync on Kindle for iPhone
    Whispersync automatically synchronizes your bookmarks and your reading location among devices registered to the same account. When you open a Kindle book you are also reading on another device, you are given the choice to go to the furthest page read if you are further ahead on the other device. This ensures that you can easily pick up where you left off regardless of which device you are using.

    Automatic Whispersync is enabled by default. To manually sync, in the Reader, tap the center of your screen to activate the toolbar. Tap the Whispersync icon with circular arrows at the end of the toolbar. Tap the "Get Last Location" option if you stopped reading on your Kindle and want to pick up reading at the same point on Kindle for iPhone.

    Deleting Kindle Content from Kindle for iPhone
    Kindle for iPhone allows you to delete individual items from your iPhone or iPod touch. If you wish to delete all downloaded content, the quickest way is to uninstall the Kindle for iPhone App. Here's how to do both:

    To delete individual items:
    Tap the Home tab if you aren't already on the Home screen.
    Tap on the desired title and slide your finger to the right to reveal the Delete button.
    Tap the Delete button.
    To delete all content by uninstalling the application:
    Visit the Home screen by pressing the Home button on your iPhone or iPod touch.
    Tap and hold the Kindle for iPhone icon until the icons start to shake.
    Tap the "X" icon on the upper left-hand corner of the icon.
    Tap the Delete button to confirm application and content removal.
    Deleting Kindle content from Kindle for iPhone or uninstalling the application does not change the purchased items archived on—you'll still be to download your content to registered devices from
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    I sent an email to amazon asking about this and here is the response.

    The Kindle for iPhone application is only for the use of Kindle Store content. If you want to view documents you've made or purchased from other sources, you'll need to look into other iPhone apps or whatever the standard file compatibility may be for the iPhone. This is not something Kindle Support is able to assist with.

    Looks like you'll have to go with Stanza if you want to view pdf files on the iPhone.
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    If you just want to view PDF files, there are like a million apps that have the ability to view them. Stanza would be very low down the list. What's the nature of these PDF files? Are they journal articles or ebooks or something else?
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    San Jose, CA

    Ok, Thanks for the reply!

    I hope they come up with this in the future versions of the app.
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    Here's what I did

    This post is quite old, but I thought I will post what I found myself. I installed the kindle app version 1.2 on my jailbroken 3g. I connected with putty and searched for *mazon* and found the kindle app directory. I then connected with winscp (using windows xp) and put a pdf that I had converted earlier (with this free software "auto kindle ebook converter") in this directory:

    Started the kindle app afterwards and there it was...

    Happy readings!!!
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    This is what I do and it works great. You'll even be able to put the book on a Kindle and the book will sync to your last page read just like it would if you bought it from the kindle store. The only thing about the path that is different is the part after applications. You'll have to find your Kindle app in the list since it won't be exactly the same. Mine starts with A3D90C19 instead of 4CC7F426.
  11. ronindamascus macrumors newbie

    Feb 19, 2011
    .pdf conversion to use Kindle app

    I know this is an old thread, but I figured out how to do this (read a .pdf book or any format book in the Kindle app) without jailbreaking, so I thought it incumbent to share it with you:

    Download the program Calibre to convert the .pdf (or other file) to .mobi.
    In iTunes, under the Apps tab, at the bottom of the page is the File Sharing module. Click on your Kindle App icon, click on Add..., and select the book you want to add that you just converted. When you add it, it automatically syncs and adds it to the Kindle App on your iPhone.
    I'm not sure yet about synchronization to the same place on my Kindle, but at least I have the book I wanted on it.
    Hope that works for you :)
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    Mar 30, 2011
    Ronin, you are genius!!!! Thanks a lot for that info. Works perfect for me.:D
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    Getting converted files on to iphone kindle using dropbox

    I use dropbox on computer and iphone to transfer .mobi files onto kindle. (you find the file in iphone/dropbox and click on icon to open with on bottomr right and select Kindle.) However, this doesn't sync the books between my kindle and iphone kindle reading app. I even tried copying the .azw file into dropbox from the kindle but it still did not sync.

    If anyone finds a way to sync without jailbraiking I would love to know how to do it.
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    people who want to get kindle information, today I will tell you, you just read at Amazon kindle review
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    Just go to and grab some information about this. This is the best way to know how to use this kind of stuff.
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