Kindle - I don't know what to buy


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Jun 25, 2007
St. Paul, Minnesota
Looking to buy an E-Reader because I like the idea of it, however I don't know any of the technical aspects of one.

1. Where do I buy E-Books?

2. What model Kindle would you guys recommend? I don't know any of the differences between each model and each generation.

3. Are E-Books generally cheaper than real books?


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Jul 5, 2011
1. If you buy a Kindle then Amazon has a good selection.

2. The Kindle touch with light is a good option.

3. Not by a lot


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Sep 8, 2010
There are several e-book readers out there. You have the iPad, the Kindle and the Nook. There might be others, but those are the main ones I can think of.

If you're looking for dedicated e-readers only, then you might want to rule out the iPad. The Kindle is probably the most popular one out there, followed closely by the Barnes & Noble Nook.

I have the Kindle and just got the new Kindle Paperwhite this week.

I would recommend either of those two I mentioned, it just depends on if you want to save money or if you want the nicer nighttime reading ability of the new Paperwhite model and touchscreen. Check out the links to read more about each model.

You can buy e-books from Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and even borrow books from your local (participating) library. You can also download books, or pdf's to them from your computer as well.

Yes, generally speaking, e-books are less expensive than their counterpart print editions.


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Apr 1, 2009
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I would get the Kindle Paperwhite. It's priced really well, and has the best e-ink display in the US market right now.

You can buy ebooks from a lot of prices, on the kindle itself you're limited to the amazon store. You can transfer from your computer from a variety of reputable, and not so reputable(pirate bay ;) ) sources.

Ebooks used to be a lot cheaper than actual books. For better or worse, Apple changed that across the industry when the came out with the iBooks business model. Now it's hit or miss. Ebook are almost always cheaper than the MSRP of a book, but oftentimes Amazon sells the hardback for cheaper than the ebook.


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Sep 23, 2011
Macomb, Michigan
The Kindle Touch and Kindle Paperwhite are both excellent choices in e-readers. I own both. Amazon sells a cover for the Paperwhite which is similar to the iPad's smart cover. It turns on the Kindle when opened and you swipe to unlock.

Amazon also sells a leather cover for the Kindle Touch which has a built in light. It is a little pricey at $59.99. I have it and it works well, but the new Kindle Paperwhite has crisper, brighter page and I prefer it over the Kindle

I often use the Kindle app on the iPad for reading at home during the day and use the Kindle Paperwhite while away from home and at night while reading in bed. What is really nice is the ability to automatically sync the devices with each other so you can start reading on you Kindle and pick right up where you left off on your iPad. There is also an option so turn sync off if you own more than one Kindle and more than one person is reading the same book. I would think the other e-readers with iPad apps have the same ability.
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