Kingdom Hearts III


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Jul 8, 2015
land of confusion
I will preface this that I haven't played the series since the first one.

When 3 was announced and that it would be on XBOX, I was excited and even pre-ordered (I just don't do that anymore, I wait and rent first.) I will say, I should have stayed with my norm.

Don't get me wrong, when I am playing, I am enjoying the game, but there are things that make me just not want to play.

The story is one. This is the most convoluted thing I have ever seen. The story makes the assumptions that you have played all of the previous games, and from my perspective, also written a deep diving dissertation for your PhD on it. And can we please convince writers that just swapping two letters in a characters name to differentiate between an evil person and a good person is a strict no-no.

The second is the voice acting. I don't know if it is the translation services made, but it is some of the most wooden voice acting I have heard in over a decade.

I have finished 4 kingdoms and still have a lot more to do on it, but every time I am sitting there thinking about what game I want to play, and since I only play games at night to distress form the day, I have been passing this game by for the past 3 weeks because I just don't want to deal with the story.

I keep wanting to skip the cut scenes because of the voice acting, but then I keep thinking that if I watch the cut scenes the story will make more sense. Then when I watch them, I am even more confused.

The gameplay is great, but overall the game has become a torture device to me.


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Oct 23, 2007
Columbus, OH
Sadly, with you being on XBox, I can't just suggest "Go play The Story So Far" first.

Yeah, the voice acting is really bad and the script has some really mundane dialogue (and it's not just the English, the Japanese is almost as bad, the Japanese VAs at least are trying to emote).

Yeah, the name thing is confusing at first, but over the course of 9 games you get used to it.

Have to say tho, coming in on the 9th game in the Kingdom Hearts franchise is kinda like seeing Avengers: Endgame without watching any of the other MCU movies.