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    First off, I just downloaded the intel version of KisMAC and I've been trying to open up a WEP wireless network, they problem i am having is i keep getting an error "no Injection driver, please select one from the preference dialog" but i can't seem to find anything about injection drivers in the preference dialog. i started the scan but i can't de-authenticate or authenticate flood or anything, can someone tell me what im doign wrong?

    secondly, there is 15 SSID's found by KisMAC and one of them is "FBI_SURVEILANCE_CC64" and 2 <any ssid> and their type is "probe" whatever that means, everyone else's says "managed"

    should I be concerned; what could the FBI Surv be doing?
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    Not sure if this will help, but this site has a page with some interesting instructions and comments concerning driver compatibility. It is from a few years ago, so the instructions may no longer apply.

    This is total speculation but I would imagine that a real FBI device would not be labeled as such. :rolleyes:
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    SSID of <any ssid> and the type probe

    Found this by searching the old google.

    The one with an SSID of <any ssid> and the type probe. That's actually a copy of iStumbler running on another laptop on the network. Sniffers can't see other sniffers, since they're passive collectors of packets, but they can see stumblers, which send out active probes. Stumblers have plenty of legitimate uses, but if you want to see who's running one, you may be able to find them by watching the signal strength reading as you walk around with a laptop running a sniffer.
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