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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by Cabbit, May 3, 2009.

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    ^_^ ello folks i am have decided for the Kittenbunny CMS that when a user logs in they will be given a customizable home page similar to youtube and bbc websites.

    Document describes the core concepts of the “MyHome” sub application of the KittenBunny CMS.

    The user will be able be presented with a default layout that has a grid of blocks. Each block will be able to be reordered with drag and drop and will be able to be removed completely if the user has no interest.

    Each module will represent a website module or sub module. So for instance the site has a news page, which is a sub module of the index module.

    So if the user wants to see the latest news they will have a widget like module and if there interested in what is going on in the forum they can have the ether the latest of the entire forum or keep track on the sub forums they are interested in.

    Further to this this will be the best way to present targeted ads at the topics the user is most interested in, for instance if it was implemented on this site then and i was the users my modules would be the design and web development forums and the ads i would see would be ads about new web development software that i would be interested in rather than ads relating to "The Sims 3" that would be better targeted at gamers.

    What i am looking for is some tutorials and sample code to study on how similar effects are produced and any suggestions/ideas to how this implementation would be received and any possible alternative approaches.

    As i am working on improving my grammar and spelling i would appreciated feedback on any grammar/spelling mistakes.
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    As to this part:

    I've used in the past jQuery's UI sortable plugin which has powerful drag/drop and sort abilities requiring a tiny amount of code. You can determine which objects are excluded, the CSS is simple, cross browser compatible and a method that returns an array of sorted objects based on IDs so you can save the results to database using a sort order field (i.e. via Ajax) or whatever you need to do. I used this plugin in my CMS to allow users to sort buttons in the drilldown menu of the site. Click the link I provided and try all the demos in the sortable area to see what I mean. You'll love it.


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