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Mar 12, 2014
Im looking for a pair of in ear headphones and cant decide for which one to go for. It's about klipsch image s4 , soundmagic e10 and jvc xtreme xplosives. The important to me is the sound and conformability. .


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Jul 11, 2009
I have no experience with the Soundmagic or the JVC but while I liked the sound quality of the Klipsch, I found that they are so delicate I had to seek other options. I went through several pairs before giving up on them.


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Jun 1, 2010
Out of those 3, I've only tried the soundmagic e10. My first pair stopped working after 2 solid years of use. I enjoyed them so much, I subsequently went out and bought another pair of soundmagic e10s.

They are the best low-cost earphones I have ever used and I would thoroughly recommend them. Fantastic performance/price ratio.


Nov 22, 2011
East Coast USA
I own a bunch of klipsch stuff from my main computer speakers to tower speakers in the living room.

However I own the image one headphones and I remember they were pretty expensive too, honestly I'm not blown away by them.


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Dec 13, 2011
Sacramento, CA
I have the S4i's and love them. They might be considered delicate as posted above so if you're hard on your stuff, keep that in mind. I've had mine for years and haven't had any trouble.


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Apr 3, 2010
Heart of the midwest
I really can only vouch for the S4i's since I've had them for 4 years myself and haven't tried the others (because my S4i's haven't died). My first pair was the standard Image S4 and it started fraying and required me to put some heat shrink tubing on them, but they had the "L" connector instead of the straight plug the S4i has. Then they got blown off a boat while I was out on the lake, but that's another story. I then replaced them with S4i's and haven't had an issue.

They also have the S4i (II) now that is supposedly more durable and has a flat cord for tangle resistance.

The sound quality is excellent (to me) and it's great on the highs and mids. The bass is great but if you're a bass head you might not be completely satisfied, but I think it's perfect right where it's at. It can be tweaked a bit and in some songs it kicks pretty dang hard. I just know there's some people that don't care about anything but the bass, and go buy beats because they look cool and have a logo on them. :roll eyes:

Previously I had the Apple In-ear headphones and went through three pairs before I gave up on them because either one would stop working or the tweeter would go out in one and the sub in the other. They were just poorly built.
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