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    Hello from eBattalion. We are writing to let you know of a new game recently released on the iTunes App Store, Knockem. The game costs less than one dollar and is sure to provide endless entertainment, particularly if you have children. Read on for a description of the game, and click here to download.


    Alien creatures have infested the micro-landscape of your space lab and it’s up to you to stop them from destroying your ship. Using the distinctly unique Space Ball, the only weapon capable of taking on these crazy creatures, you will try and Knockem all out before they enter the ships main transporter, the red Warp Zone.

    This game is designed primarily for kids, but does however have an addictive nature to it that even teenagers and adults will find engaging.

    Knockem is one of the only games in the App Store to feature Bomboosh, Blue Flame, Gloomy, Pearl, Eggy, and the one and only Spange. Knockem all out today!

    How to get the game:

    You can download Knockem directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch via the App Store on your device. Simply search for eBattalion or Knockem. Alternatively you can download the game from iTunes with this link.

    Visit eBattalion for more…
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    Way to steal the Iron Maiden logo font for your app. :p

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