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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by KnockingLive, Nov 16, 2009.

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    Nov 11, 2009

    Just wanted to share with you details about KnockingLive Pic Share, which was launched last week worldwide. The new revolutionary pic sharing app eliminates the ‘upload, send, download’ process, establishing live, device-to-device connectivity regardless of proximity or other barriers.

    Users can share with family, friends, business associates, up to 100 photos instantly - 100x the Photos of AT&T MMS, 20x the Photos of an iPhone E-Mail. The initial response, expectedly, has been fantastic.

    Knocking IPhone application works very simply. ‘Knock’, then share:
    Open Knocking Live Pic Sharing
    Set up account
    Create an album
    Knock a friend
    Watch your friend control the album and save your photos.

    As the first in a series of Knocking™ apps from Pointy Heads, Knocking Live Pic Sharing is available for download in the social networking category of the Apple app store, free for the first 50,000 users.

    Establishing a Connection.jpg

    Sending a ‘Knock’.jpg

    Sharing Photos Live.jpg
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    Looks Cool. Is it iPhone to iPhone only??
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    Wasn't there that app that was the billionth download similar to this? You Bump! (that's the name :)) and a connection is made.

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