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    So you think you know your bights from your bends, your loops from your hitches? Test your knot knowledge and ropecraft with this app! Don't know much about knots? That's ok! The animated knots show you how to tie them and a hints button tells you what the knot is used for.

    Knot Quiz Version 2.0 What's New:
    - Additional knots in both the free version and in-app expansion pack.
    - Open Feint and Game Center integration with Leaderboards.
    - Timed game play with multipliers for completion speed and knot difficulty.

    You can download the free app here:

    [app]Knot Quiz[/app]

    Suggestions for knots to add to the game as well as constructive criticism are welcome.

    Thanks for checking it out. See you on the leaderboard!


    Nynix Development
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    Jul 12, 2011
    Knot Quiz 2.2 Released -- Free Knot Learning App

    Knot Quiz 2.2 for iPhone and iPod Touch was released today and is available on the iTunes app store.


    Also released last week was version 1.3 of our 3D knot reference app, now called Knots 3D including 15 new 3D knots! Now you can use this improve your Knot Quiz score and learn more about each knot and how to tie it. Available as a universal app for all iOS devices.

    New 3D Knots in this release:

    • Albright Special
    • Anchor Hitch
    • Blood Knot
    • Buntline Hitch
    • Improved Clinch Knot
    • Constrictor Hitch
    • Lanyard Hitch
    • Perfection Loop
    • Rolling Hitch
    • Round Turn & Two Half Hitches
    • Running Bowline
    • Surgeon's Loop
    • Trilene Knot
    • Uni Knot
    • Uni-to-Uni Knot



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