Know of a large Wacom tablet friendly computer desk?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by LimeiBook86, Nov 11, 2011.

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    I know this is an odd question, but stick with me...

    So I recently moved into my own apartment and I currently am looking for one computer desk. My setup is a 27-inch iMac and I also have a 9x12 Intuos3 Wacom tablet. As you can imagine the tablet is quite large and doesn't exactly fit onto most keyboard trays, it's usually a balancing act to use it, or it ends up with my lap. With my previous desk it was impossible to use the tablet and have easy access to the keyboard at the same time.

    I've read about some people using laptop/MacBook Pro stands to hold up the tablet, but I was wondering what your setup may be if you have a large drawing tablet. Do you have a certain style desk or do you use a stand or a small table for your tablet?

    Any ideas would be great as I hope to get a desk soon and I would love to have my tablet properly setup. :)

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    Desk Solution.


    Dinning Room table for 8-10 people. - Solid wood kind, Price approx $300-400.

    This is exactly what I did.
    Every "Computer Desk" I've ever seen sucks hard.
    They're never deep enough, or solid enough.
    Buy a proper table, made of wood.
    Get a good task chair to go with it (I have my eyes on a Knoll or Herman Miller after saving a bit)

    I love my table. Everyone comments on it when they see it!

    PS. if you're fancy. find a carpenter or make it yourself, I know pro photographers who have done just that.

    PPS. on that desk, I have a 26" monitor, a 17" macbook pro on a riser, a RAID bay, full keyboard, 9x12 wacom, a lamp and lots of other space for books or whatever im working on.
    seriously, buying a massive oversize desk is about the most boss thing you could do for your work flow.
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    Jul 26, 2010
    I had the same problem, with my cintiq and keyboard, so I designed my own desk, strong, nice looking with a big tray for the keyboard and now I'm happy.

    I'm lucky my friend (a pro carpenter) made it and he actually improved the design making it sturdy, $300 bucks and I'm happy.

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    Put your imac on a vesa mount so you can have the tablet 'under' it without having to have the screen really far away? That and a big desk
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    This is the best IKEA desk in my opinion, and it's only $59.99.

    Then you put your 27" iMac on the top-left corner, angled toward you. Keep your mouse and keyboard wireless and you have this huge desk free for your hands and tablet.

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