Knox v Disk Utility v Other?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by bcburrows, May 11, 2013.

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    Just wondered if anyone had any helpful hints on the following issue.

    Having read various how to go paperless articles. I have decided to make the switch, got myself a scansnap 1300i, adobe acrobat pro XI, and devonthink office pro - with the intention of digitising EVERYTHING. Only thing is, I work in both the medical and legal professions and some aspects of my data is extremely sensitive. I therefore am looking to make everything as secure as possible.

    My options, as I understand them, are

    1) Filevault the whole drive - have done this before and had no problems
    2) Disk Utility to make a password protected image, coupled with something like 1password should be secure.
    3) Seen the program Knox - never used it, might get the trial and review it for me, but wondered if anyone else had any experience of it?
    4) Any other programs / possibilities out there anyone else uses?

    Thanks, in advance, for any helpful assistance.
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    If I were you I would go for the 1 AND 2 approach, reason, if you only have FileVault2 enabled and you leave your Mac unattended someone could sneak in.
    If you have only a disk Image and someone could connect to it while it is off they could still get into your information with a bit of luck.


    1. Use FileVault 2.
    2. Use a password protected Disk Image.
    3. Use a strong login password.
    4. Enable Require password "immediately" after sleep or screen save err begins in Security & Privacy.
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    I used the demo version of Knox and wasn't impressed by it. There is no integration with 1Password at this time. If you know how to create secure disk images with Disk Utility then you'll likely find Knox's options to be a bit more limiting. The only feature that I really liked in Knox was the way that it "bookmarked" archives created by Knox. It allowed you to mount and unmount secured archives very easily from the drop-down menu item, but I didn't think that feature alone was worth the asking price.

    Knox is an older program and it shows. When making archives with Knox there are references to OS X 10.4 vs. 10.5. If it's updated and integrated with 1Password there's a lot of potential for an application like this.

    I'd stick with using Disk Utility's encrypted disk images for now.

    One other possible suggestion for your needs: check out Paperless. It's meant to be a document manager of sorts, and I believe it has the ability to encrypt its library file. Worst-case scenario, you could place the Paperless file within a Disk Utility-generated encrypted disk image. It's something that might help with keeping your scans organized and easily accessible.

    Edit: I see you mentioned Devonthink. I'm not familiar with it, but I think it's a competitor to Paperless. If you've gone that route, ignore the Paperless suggestion.
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    I have done this with pretty much everything that you have mentioned above.

    ScanSnap is fantastic. I have the S1500M. I use it extensively with DevonThink Pro Office. Between the two... they define the standard.

    The very first thing that I do with any computer is turn on FV2. The only precaution that I would offer is to shut down your computer if you ever leave it unattended in someplace like a hotel room. I also like the suggestion for strong login passwords.

    I picked up a free or inexpensive version of Knox a long time ago when it was offered as a promotion to 1Password suers. I have one directory encrypted... but that was more of a trial for me. it really is not necessary in my case. With FV2 and the other protections... I am really "good enough". I do think that Knox is easier to use than using Disk Utility to create an encrypted image.

    My only other suggestion is to use 1Password and use complex, random, unique passwords for every site and/or possible usage. I do not repeat any passwords anywhere.


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